How the collected batteries are recycled?

Collected waste batteries are delivered to AkkuSer in Nivala, Finland. During the recycling process more than 50 % of the materials contained in batteries are recovered for reuse. At AkkuSer batteries are sorted in different fractions based on their metal/chemical content. Sorting is a vital step as different batteries requires different recycling routes. Accurate sorting enables also maximum recovery of valuable battery metals.

1. Receiving

Akkuser receives all the spent portable batteries collected in Finland. It also receives waste batteries, mainly high-grade cobalt Li-ion batteries, from other European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Poland. Upon receiving all the incoming material is weighed, packages are labeled and data is recorded. Received materials are stored in interim storage before the sorting.

2. Sorting

Batteries are sorted in semi-automatic sorting lines. Sorting is based on the manual identification of different battery types. Trained sorting staff and developed sorting methods enable high purity for sorted batteries. Mixed batteries are all sorted in their own fractions. Also pre-sorted batteries are checked by AkkuSer to verify the purity of materials.

3. Processing

After sorting each battery type has its own recycling route. The following battery types are recycled at AkkuSer’s facility:

  • High-grade cobalt Li-ion batteries
  • Ni-Mh batteries
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Low-grade cobalt Li-ion batteries

0 %

Process uses no water, chemicals or heating so it doesn't produce any related emissions

50 %

More than 50% of the battery materials are recycled for reuse

100 %

Akkuser receives all the spent portable batteries collected in Finland