Recycling of high-grade cobalt Li-ion batteries

Most Li-ion batteries such as the ones used in mobile phones and laptops contain a notable amount of cobalt and other important metals such as copper. AkkuSer recycles these batteries using its own Dry-Technology method, which is a mechanical process based on two-stage crushing line followed by magnetic and mechanical separation unit. The outputs of the process are metal concentrates which are delivered as raw material to metal refineries. This process developed by AkkuSer enables efficient and safe recycling of these fire and explosion sensitive battery types. Efficient dust and gas treatment minimizes the environmental impact and maximizes the recovery of valuable metals. Process uses no water, chemicals or heating so it doesn’t produce any related emissions. Unlike other recycling processes our Dry-Technology method does not require any preprocessing steps for discharging the Li-Ion batteries so they can be recycled safely as such.

The process developed by Akkuser enables the safe and efficient recycling of these fire and explosion sensitive batteries