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29.1.2016 AkkuSer and Rec Alkaline foster their cooperation for more efficient recycling of alkaline batteries.

AkkuSer Ltd is a Finnish company, focused on recycling of portable batteries and accumulators. Materials delivered to recycling chain by consumers are being sorted and cleaned to different verses at Akkusers’s plant in Nivala, Finland. Up to 80 per cent of all received material is alkaline batteries, which are crushed before separating the magnetic iron and getting so called black mass for further processing.

At the moment processing of black mass is under global reformation. Earlier the processing has been based on smelting of the mass at very high temperatures. Injuries related to smelting process have led to closing down of some smelting plants and still operating ones work at the verges with their capacity.

Rec Alkaline Ltd has developed a new alternative method for processing of the black mass safely, without causing any risks to people or environment. The process is based on chemical separating technology and can be run at room temperature without producing any waste water at all. Rec Alkaline will start to process the black mass delivered by Akkuser Ltd in its new production plant in Kärsämäki, Finland. As end products the plant will produce micro-nutrients for grain and hay cultivation.

The new production plant will be equipped during year 2016. Overall Cleantech investment will rise up to 2 million euros and in the beginning the plant will offer jobs for ten processionals of processing technology and chemical industry.

Further information:

Jarmo Pudas
Managing Director
Rec Alkaline Ltd
Mob. +358 50 3120 591

Kimmo Irpola
Chairman on the Board
AkkuSer Ltd
Mob. +358 40 0400075






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